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We talked about tomato cultivation and the different professional machines most used.


The cultivation of the pepper is a very varied plantation by the diversity of types and terrain in which we will see different types of machinery.

Seedbed - Nursery

For any kind of plantation required in agriculture, the first step is done through a seedling or trusted nursery, in which we deposit our hopes for the future for the better development of the agricultural campaign.


The strawberries are plants of the forest, need soils with a lot of humus and substrates, it is a very striking fruit for its color and on it we will see what forms of cultivation and machines for its treatments.


In the cultivation of grapes, there are different equipment to be able to work it, at present Tizona 6x6 offers high benefits for intensive crops.


Cranberries, this fruit presents great health benefits, as all berries stand out for their high contribution of carbon fiber and hydrates, each day more consumed by their properties.


Papaya: main characteristic of this tropical fruit is a component called papain that helps considerably digestion, in addition to the high contribution of vitamin C, being equal or superior to that of an orange.