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Cranberries, this fruit presents great health benefits, as all berries stand out for their high contribution of carbon fiber and hydrates, each day more consumed by their properties.


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The planting of the blueberries is booming and with it the planting systems, cultivate in soil, in pots, in hydropony, in channels, etc. In any case, it is planted optimizing the soil and making an intensive cultivation in different types of land and surfaces, but in all these cases we find a situation in common, the reduced spaces to be able to work with machining and is at this point so valuable where we offer the spraying work with Tizona.

A wide range of specific machinery for intensive crops, where we adapt to any type of terrain, whether covered protected soil, loose sand or clay soil with little drainage, depending on these conditions you can select your most suitable Tizona.

In all cases we also recommend in this crop the supported spraying work of the rear air atomizer with flow regulation, to optimize the treatment and to make it efficient and effective in all parts of the plant.

We offer a professional solution to your treatment needs, indistinctly the type of land you work on, and therefore in AMATE we have a highly qualified department to advise you personally.


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