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For any kind of plantation required in agriculture, the first step is done through a seedling or trusted nursery, in which we deposit our hopes for the future for the better development of the agricultural campaign.


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Tizona presents different types of nozzles to cover the length of each crop table and accommodated to each seed according to its work corridors from which it performs such applications and care in the cultivation trays.

As different accessories to Tizona for the needs of seedlings and nurseries, different types of nozzles or hydraulic arms can be seen:

-Long-range nozzles or diffusers: We offer a combination of specially developed nozzles and diffusers to reach an environment between 4-5 meters on both sides, making a great deal of seedling cultivation.

-EI cannon: This spray cannon as an accessory to Tizona can be equipped with double side output with an estimated range of 8 meters on both sides. Also the single output version with rotary hydraulic system with an estimated range of 20mts

-The hydraulic arms V-1: It is a hydraulic extension team with the up and down route functionality of 1,5 mts. The maximum opening extension is 10 meters, each arm being extended of 4.5 mts in length.

-Hydraulic arms V-2: They are a solution for higher crops and with the need of the own producer to be able to perform a treatment through the vegetation, that is why in this version in addition to the hydraulic movement, several vertical bars are deployed to the arm to cover the applied treatment laterally.

-The hydraulic arms V-3: The crops where the presence of air and large movement of the plant mass is required, in this proportional hydraulic extension accessory a final extension is incorporated that in addition to being with hydraulic opening has an antienganche system, which, by colliding this extension with the side of any obstacle of the nursery, the extension is contracted by a dock that after release the obstacle returns mechanically to its usual position of work. In these extended arms the regulation of the air flow is variable and adjustable according to the need of the crop, in each air output it incorporates two fan jet diffusers that efficiently carry out the spraying.

The minimum working height in this V-3 is 50cm and the maximum height is 150cm

In addition, in terms of the application of foliar fertilizers, we improve the coverage of the entire plant mass in all its parts with the rear air atomizer, in which we can regulate its flow and movement between the vegetation.

He then notes numerous illustrative videos of how to improve planting and processes in his seedling, so that he can value the machine most suited to his needs.

Note the different types of seedlings, nurseries and forms of work...

After this introduction and after observing different machinery and planting on the pepper, you can go to the corresponding section of the machine that interests you most and see its more specific features and videos about it, in addition to any consultation, in AMATE we have a highly qualified department to advise you efficiently and professionally, consult without compromise!


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