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We talked about tomato cultivation and the different professional machines most used.


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In the cultivation of tomato we find numerous tedious and long-term agricultural labors, in the greenhouses with this type of cultivation, have different types of soils, enlarged, with gravel, clay soils, ground cover coatings and even plastic to avoid the one that bad herbs are born.

In this section you will see numerous illustrative videos of how to improve plantation and processes in your tomato crops with different types of Tizona, so that you can evaluate the machine best suited to your needs.

Note the different types of greenhouses, crops and way of cultivating..

After this introduction and after observing different machinery and plantation on the tomato, you can go to the corresponding section of the machine that interests you most and see its more specific features and videos about it, also for any consultation, in AMATE we have a department to advise you efficiently and professionally.


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