Carretillas Amate, the Almeria company with 25 innovations registered in only two years

IDEAL DE ALMERÍA - 17/01/2022

The Viator-based company has numerous creations in the property register of the Junta de Andalucía and is one of the most active firms in Spain

The territorial delegate of Employment, Training, Self-Employment, Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities, Emilio Ortiz Lopez, visited yesterday in Viator the company Carretillas Amate, one of the most active firms in Spain in creation and protection of its industrial property that, in 2020, was the second largest number of utility models registered nationwide.

This firm dedicated to the manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery has registered, not in vain, in the last two years, up to 25 utility models using the industrial property services of the IDEA Agency, under the Ministry of Economic Transformation.


X Comarca del Andarax Awards.InnovationAward a Carretillas Amate

LA VOZ DE ALMERÍA - 18/11/2021

The Cultural Building of Huercal de Almeria has hosted the tenth edition of the Comarca del Andarax Awards, an initiative of LA VOZ, Cadena SER and Los 40 that recognizes the value of this region and its neighbors.

The Innovation Award went to Carretillas Amate. Forty years ago, Eusebio Amate and María Luisa Salvador started the Carretillas Amate project, a business that has grown year after year to become the leading company in intensive agriculture machinery in Almería. With great effort and perseverance, its founders now have a great team that is totally immersed in each and every one of the processes and products they manufacture, offering the best of each one.


Susana Díaz visits Carretillas Amate


Taking the pulse of the province, know their real needs and convey their concerns and problems in the place where major decisions are made, the Parliament of Andalusia. That was yesterday the task of the secretary general of the PSOE of Andalusia, Susana Diaz, during her institutional visit to five municipalities of Almeria: Viator, Nijar, Las Tres Villas, Abrucena and Fiñana.

In Viator, Diaz also took advantage of the visit to see the work done by the family business Carretillas Amate, an example of knowing how to adapt to the needs of the agricultural sector with the secretary general of the PSOE of Almeria, José Luis Sánchez Teruel and other party officials such as parliamentarians Noemi Cruz and Rodrigo Sanchez Haro and Senator Antonio Martinez.


Monitoring the work of agricultural vehicles in greenhouses is now possible


The digital transformation and the application of information generated from data management in a multitude of economic activities constitute a binomial with great potential for success in the short and medium term.

The exchange of data between companies is an unstoppable phenomenon in the agri-food sector, which has become aware in recent years of the value they bring to agricultural production. In this sense, one of the lines of activity that can benefit most from digital transformation processes are agricultural vehicles and traceability during the production cycle of crops.


New 4-wheel drive equipment for day and night spraying in greenhouses

HORTOINFO - 11/02/2019

With diesel engine, it is manufactured by "Carretillas Amate" under the name of Tizona-35 and is specially designed to move easily between the crop rows. It has great maneuverability in the narrowest crops, being able to turn within a radius of 1.25 meters.

The company Carretillas Amate has made available to farmers a new vehicle for easy spraying in greenhouses.

It is the Tizona-35, with diesel engine, specially designed to move easily between the crop rows. It has great maneuverability in the narrowest crops, being able to turn within a radius of 1.25 meters.


Carretillas Amate increases its sales of agricultural machinery in Central America


Carretillas Amate, a family business based in Viator that is already exporting its products to Mexico, Peru and Chile, has received the visit of the territorial delegate of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment, Miguel Angel Tortosa Lopez, and the mayor of Viator, Manuel Jesus Flores Malpica, who have known the trajectory of more than 20 years in the manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery and future projects and expansion of the company.

Tortosa Lopez has offered its leaders, the brothers Luisa, Eusebio and Liberto and his father, Eusebio Amate, the support of the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion-Extenda "to consolidate these first steps in the international market and increase its turnover in these countries". It has also made available the reimbursable funds and the next lines of incentives for business R & D of the Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia, IDEA, to address their new projects.