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The strawberries are plants of the forest, need soils with a lot of humus and substrates, it is a very striking fruit for its color and on it we will see what forms of cultivation and machines for its treatments.


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The main traditional strawberry crops are directly on the ground, under macrotunnel coverage, leaving very little space between the plantation and being of difficult access to the machinery, the daily work is very manual and this makes it impossible to improve yields and increase production, besides the plantation is more likely to catch the diseases.

Current production systems are called hydroponics, also protected in greenhouses or macrotuneles, where production is more efficiently controlled.

With the hydroponic cultivation we managed to improve the quality of the work, being all the work of the operator in a natural position without having to be agated, also Tizona is incorporated for the realization of the treatments and foliar applications.

In addition, foliar treatments use air atomization to help penetrate the product over all parts of the plant mass, making a dense fog very effective.

Every day preventive treatments in strawberry crops are more necessary to prevent and reduce the development of plant pests and diseases.

Tizona presents different types of nozzles to cover the different cultivation tables. He then notes various illustrative videos of how to work with tizona in hydroponic crops, so that he can evaluate the machine most suited to his needs.

With this information you can go to the corresponding section of the machine that interests you most and see its features and videos more specific about it, in addition to any query, in AMATE we have a specific department for your personalized attention and advice.


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