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  • Grupo de Traccion + Cuba 300 litros
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  • Grupo de Traccion + Portapalet 750 kg
  • Grupo de Traccion + Portapalet 750 kg
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  • Grupo de Tracción MULTIFUNCION

GT+ Accessories Traction Group


Traction Group + Stabilizer

This multifunction team for agriculture, presents the different videos with each of the accessories on the bottom of this page.

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Data sheet

Width 76 cm
Depth 110 cm
Weight 120 kg
Length 110 cm
Load capacity Different accessories
Power 9.5 cv gasoline - 11 cv diesel
Height 145 cm

More info

EastGT Traction GroupIt has several features that make it one of the most functional machines in the market.

The Traction Group with the stabilizer accessory makes it possible that it can be used as a means of transport throughout the farm, it can be made displacements between the middle of the crop linings to see the state of the plant quickly, also we can hook any of the different accessories that we will have distributed throughout the agricultural exploitation.

This machine GT Traction Group, is sold separately from each accessory and includes the following benefits as follows:

·Manual start with hand puller.

· Attach system to accessories, front and rear.

· Gas engine 4T

·Dos speeds (short – long)

·Fwheel disc reindeer, equipped with hand brake.

· 360o rotary handlebar

Additional options extras available to the GT, we have:

Option with electric start to battery (Included)

Kit side stabilizers.

Set of 4 galvanized pins for accessories.

Diesel engine option (consult)

Currently in this Traction Group,have these 5 additional interchangeable accessoriesand you can see the images with the various connected accessories, also on the web are identified each individually where you can see and analyze all their features, then the different accessories available are:

ACGT03 - Portapalet(To transport pallet with vegetables from the greenhouse to the warehouse, load capacity 750 Kg) with two types of versions:

ACGT02– Portapalet with hydraulic manual lifting

ACGT03– Portapalet with hydraulic electric lift.

ACGT04 - Cuba 300 litres(To perform crop spraying treatments, treatment bars and all equipment for inbuilt spraying)

ACGT01 - Transport Platform 200x100(To transport boxes or any goods, optional with manual frame)

ACGT10– Platform with hydraulic lifting manual.

ACGT06 - Hydraulic rake(To collect and group all the vegetation of the line, leaving it very clean, in various types of soil, and incorporates hairbrush for plastic or mesh floors and barbed brush for sand or ground crops)

ACGT09 - Vertical treatment bars(To make treatments with the hose system that owns the farmer, it is very practical and easy to use)

ACGT05 - Stabilizer(To be able to use the GT group as a means of transport within the agricultural area)


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