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Greenhouse Electric Scaffolding


Electric greenhouse all land

Patented and protected


Data sheet

Width 70 cm
Weight 180 kg
Length 200 cm
Load capacity 200 kg
Power 500 Watt
Height 200 cm

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"New" Removable step system with access to the inside of the platform through the integral hole, more safety access, more comfort, more efficient and unique in the market Approved by Applus CE certification

Its exclusive design makes it possible to perform daily work tasks in high places, obtaining maximum stability and control of the machine, as its large diameter wheels offer a guarantee of work on any type of terrain, including very sandy soils.

The electric scaffolding is designed and manufactured with steel profile to achieve maximum robustness, lightness and the comfortable and profitable work inside the protected crop, such as greenhouse, net, shade house.

The directionality control through a high quality steering wheel and its integral turning system, achieve its ultra-smoothness in every maneuver.

In addition, it has rear-wheel drive and engine lock (brake) that can be manually unlocked to move it without the need to climb.

Controls: Digital battery indicator, movement selector, speed regulator potentiometer as desired by the operator, led on/off.

MAEL01 included as standard:

  • Ladder with 5 removable steps.
  • Motor with reducer 500 Watt
  • Electronic control unit 70Ah.
  • Traction batteries 120Ah
  • Reinforced drive pedal.
  • Cable control.
  • Wide rear wheels 18x9.5-8 (23cm) and front wheels 16x6.50-8 (16cm).
  • Easy maintenance folding table top.
  • Work platform with non-slip aluminum plate.
  • Anti-crop front bumper.
  • Handrail, steering wheel and platform adjustable in height.
  • Traction clutch with release.
  • Electronic battery charger.

Optional versions:

- (A) Higher battery capacity to work more than 24 hours without recharging.

- (B) More power in motorization for crops with extreme situations (800Watt)

- (C) Super wide front wheels equal to the rear ones 18x9.5-8 (23cm)

- (D) Wireless remote control

- (H) Additional steps to reach more height

- (K) Night light

- (L) Non-detachable platform support steps.

- (G) GPS for location awareness and other controls.

See all the additional options and accessories available for the electric scaffold and start optimizing your crops.


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