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  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Open"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada" + Atomizador
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  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
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  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"
  • Tizona Zeus "Cabinada"

Tizona Zeus


The “Zeus” arrives from the Olympus to the agricultural market, a authentic machine with the option of being cabin comfortable and robust, manufactured to perform the hardest work of the field!

The Tizona with the smallest and compact spray cabin in the world!

Reduced turning radius with double joint.

"Machine with patented model"


Data sheet

Width 91 cm
Weight 1400 Kg
Length 313 cm
Load capacity 500 lt
Power By Kubota V1505
Height 235 cm

More info

by Tizona Zeus, fully hydrostatic spraying machine equipped with Kubota diesel engine with 4 cylinders that supply an integral hydrostatic system with 4-wheel (4x4) dual sense of use, very comfortable and functional for work.

In this version of Tizona Zeus, it is available in two finishes:

- Tizona Zeus “Open”: with the open driving position, Grammer seat, folding steering column and the whole set that composes it is easily down for revisions.

-Tizona Zeus “Cabinada” only available for this model Tizona Zeus, we offer maximum comfort with grammer seat and air conditioning inside, double access door, fully glazed and radio with stereo sound and bluetooth.

Its main features are:

- Double central joint for an optimal and reduced movement inside the crop.

- Front and rear lighting with LED light.

- Treatment bars for high crops with detachable option in treatment bars.

- A capacity of 500 liters for spray pump application with pressure regulation systems, maximum flow rate 70 liters x 50 bars.

- Central console with ergonomic driving position, with full control panel of the machine.

In this Tizona model and even in the other models, it includes in all versions the rear spray bars equipped with triple-nozzle holders and three types of diffusers (ATR-Albuz-NOVI)

Additionally according to the version of Tizona,you can incorporate different accessoriesas follows:

(Demonstrative videos with these accessories are visible on every Tizona tab)

-ACTZ367 "Easy" rake

-ACTZ756 Tizona atomizer with air flow regulation

-ACTZ595 Vertical Hydraulic Lift Tower

-ACTZ573 Horizontal Hydraulic Lift +- 20 Cm

-ACSF551 Third Pulverization Bar

-ACTZ753 Turbine Hydraulic Spinning Canyon

-ACTZ661 Hose holder + 25Mt hose + Pistol

-TZ-OPC-D Long-range detachable elbow (2pz)

This model of Tizona has CE Certification

"Tizona Zeus" will be launched to the market soon, please find more information to book your purchase order.


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