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Tizona 37


by Tizona 37 Sprayer, new technology, maximum comfort and robustness for a great job in agriculture.

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Data sheet

Width 80 cm
Weight 580 Kg
Length 268 cm
Load capacity 500 liters
Power 37 cv
Height 185 cm

More info

Spray equipment specially designed for the application of phytosanitary products, foliar fertilizer, etc. in an intensive way inside and outside a field of cultivation, greenhouses, meshes, shady house, multitunel, for all kinds of fruits and vegetables such as tomato, cucumber, pepper, berrys, etc...

Traction 4x4total by means of a direct hydraulic system and central joint makes possible its great maneuverability in the narrowest crops, having a turn radius of 1.20 mts. In addition, you have the new ground copier to save any obstacle you encounter during your work.


For cropsAll field, it has different tyres for work depending on the needs, being able to work on sandy crops to covered by plastic without harming that coverage at all.

Manufacture: Steel chassis treated with robust central joint with all fixing elements and main use points manufactured in stainless steel to keep in very good condition all the equipment and aerodynamic line that facilitates movement within the greenhouse.

Stainless diesel fuel tank with a capacity of 25 liters with LED reserve indicator and also a visual indicator in the tank itself.

It incorporates a stainless steel drawer to isolate the battery of the entire chassis with department to always carry a box of diffusers and nozzles spare parts.

Stainless steel control box, on by buttonSTART/STOP

The possibilities of working with Tizona 37 are of high performance giving it with its 5 LED light points in optimal working conditions even in total darkness.

The spraying: deposito with capacity500 litreswith fully hydraulic pressure equipment to achieve maximum and effective penetration between the very effective plant mass.

In this Tizona model and even in the other models, it includes in all versions the rear spray bars equipped with triple-nozzle holders and three types of diffusers (ATR-Albuz-NOVI)

Additionally according to the version of Tizona, you can incorporate different accessories as follows:

(Demonstrative videos with these accessories are visible on every Tizona tab)

-ACTZ367"Easy" rake.

-ACTZ756Tizona atomizer with air flow regulation

-ACTZ596Hydraulic arm 10mts

-ACTZ595Vertical Hydraulic Lift Tower

-ACTZ573Horizontal Hydraulic Lift +- 20 Cm

-ACSF551Third Pulverization Bar

-ACTZ753Turbine Hydraulic Spinning Canyon

-ACTZ661Hose holder + 25Mts hose + Pistol

-TZ-OPC-A Kit wheels 23x10.5-12 with profile

-ACTZ54728ltr electric sulfur. connected to control box

-ACTZ759Grammer seat with suspension + armrests

-TZ-OPC-DLong-range detachable elbow (2pz)

-TZ-OPC-EArc option for comprehensive protection

This model of Tizona has CE Certification


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